At present, Faculty of Economic Sciences Câmpulung Muscel has a programme of bachelor studies: Accounting and Management Information Systems in its structure, in conformity with the Government Decision no. 376/18 of May 2016, full time learning (125 places) accredited.

Bachelor's program aimed an economic thinking and management by acquiring professional and transversal competences: Identifying the economic transactions and recording them in the entity / organisation  books; Using computer-based resources in finance and accounting; Information processing for drawing up financial and accounting and / or fiscal reports; Establishing and interpreting the economic and financial indicators; Conducting financial and accounting control operations. Implementing the ethical principles, standards and values in one’s own rigorous, efficient and responsible work strategy; Identifying the roles and responsibilities in a highly-trained team and implementing team communication and efficient work techniques; Identifying continuing education opportunities and efficiently capitalising the learning resources and techniques for one’s own development.

Graduates of this program can practice as: Accounting Expert, Advisor, Inspector, Reviewer, Economist, Analyst, Auditor, Assessor, Economic Director, Tax Consultant, Administrator, Accountant, Accountant Banking, Financial Adviser Banking, Financial Controller, Auditor, Controller Management, Liquidator, Budget Consultant, Bank Officer, etc.

The programme of master studies: Accounting and Business Management - Government Decision no. 402/ 2 of June 2016, full time learning (50 places) accredited - is a professional program. The program is oriented towards the present conjucture of the European market, to assure the students the development of necessary practice abilities which allow them the access as specialists equal to the other European youth. This master program offers graduates the following competencies: The ability to implement, at cognitive and professional levels, the concepts, approaches, theories, models and methods in the accounting field and business management; The capacity to investigate and analyze, via specific research methods, the financial processes and phenomena at an organizational level; The ability to diagnose, from an economic-financial perspective, the companies of commerce, tourism, services, production and to document the investment and financial decisions; To concentrate on the computer data processing abilities that apply to the CPA; The ability to issue studies and projects of accounting, management, assessment, computer data processing, etc.; To develop skills for achieving the analysis and interpretation of the realities in the Romanian companies, in compliance with the main accounting systems.

Graduates of this program of Master studies can occupy Senior Positions in various economic entities, Manager, Financial Analyst, Tax Consultant, Financial Consultant, Researcher, etc.